Falling-zipper syndrome. Fix it, don’t nix it.

Fly Ties

A Kevel Fly Tie is a small, discrete device that secures the zipper of jeans, pants, and skirts in the up-and-closed position. The Fly Tie attaches easily to the handle of your zipper and to the button above it. This anchors the zipper in place, preserving the fit of your clothing and preventing a potential “Zipper-gate” incident. So whether your zipper has worn out or you’ve gained an extra pound, Fly Ties are a great solution to give those jeans some extra life!


Oppressive waistband solved!

Perfect Fit

Oppressive waistband, a case of mysteriously shrunken pants, or the expansion of a belly can over-cinch to the point of pinch. Wear your pants with the confidence that a Kevel Perfect Fit has your back by holding up your front. By expanding your waistline and securing your zipper, Kevel Perfect Fit preserves your favorite pants when your body says go a size up.


Pregnacy + comfort = happy mommy


Kevel Mommy is a device that secures your zipper AND expands your waistline for the beginning stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Pregnant women know that when they tie a hair band around their top button to expand their waistline, their zipper often becomes less stable and slides down. When your world is turned upside down during the first few months of pregnancy, take comfort in knowing you can still slip into your favorite jeans. Also, we help transition you back into your favorite jeans faster after the baby has arrived.